Design Framework for WordPress

Tools for managing and developing the website

For creating designs and layouts, we use a flexible, fast, and SEO-friendly design framework that can be customized to suit your needs. The framework is integrated with WordPress default settings, there is no additional (code-heavy) admin interface for managing themes / layouts. You use WordPress “as usual”, but there are many more options and possibilities to choose from.

The framework is extremely mobile-friendly and provides options for setting up detailed designs / layouts for PCs, tablets and phones. You can be sure that your valuable content always looks good and is user friendly.

50+ design templates to jump-start your project

Wallmarketing customers can choose from 45 ready-made design templates to make starting a website quick and easy. Of course, we can customize and develop the the templates to comply with your CVI and preferences.

Key features of the design framework

  • Very flexible layout management.
  • Centralized management of colors and fonts.
  • Elements – centrally managed elements can be used throughout the web environment. You update the content of an item in one place, but it changes everywhere it is used.
  • Fast and stable optimized code – we create web pages with a speed score of 90% or more in the mobile device.
  • SEO-optimized – validated html, settings built-in.
  • WooCommerce support – the e-shop is integrated with the rest of the website, the design framework and elements support it.

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